The Science of Service: Six
Essential Elements for
Creating a Culture of Service

Wendi Pomerance Brick, MS

This book is the ultimate blueprint for any person or organization that provides service to the public. Offering practical solutions based on real-world experiences by a former government employee, this book is written in an easy-to-understand format with everyday examples, helpful tips and proven techniques for success.

While the concepts shared in this book are framed specifically for public organizations (local, state, regional and federal governments), they will also be successful in other organizations across industry types providing customer service to the public. Some examples include:

  • Public schools, public school districts, private schools, colleges and universities
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Nonprofit agencies
  • Other organizations serving the public

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Wendi Pomerance Brick

About the Author: Wendi Pomerance Brick

In 1998, WENDI POMERANCE BRICK became the County of San Diego's first Customer Service Manager, responsible for developing the nationally-recognized Customer Service Center, and incorporating the Six Essential Elements in this 17,000-person organization. Later, as the Director of the City of San Diego's Department of Customer Services, she again implemented the Six Essential Elements for an organization of 10,000.
In 2003, Wendi formed Customer Service Advantage, Inc. to provide customer service improvement training and consultation for government organizations, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations and private business. CSA, Inc. offers customer service training, process improvement workshops, customer satisfaction survey development and customer service best practices gap analyses.
"Wendi Brick has found ways to create an atmosphere where employees WANT to provide great service and are rewarded for doing so. She has earned respect from her colleagues and clients and, more importantly, customers along the way."

South County Economic Development Council
"This book is relevant because government is a business, too...and many forget that. Wendi grasps the key elements and the importance of customer service in government better than anyone I have ever met in my 40+ years of public service."

RADM US Navy (ret)
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